Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Field Work

Too much to say, so here it is by the numbers:

- 11 days
- 10 nights
- 3 communities sensitised on HIV and AIDS; Bokosso, Boviongo, and Bova Bomboko
- 3 HIV Control Committees created
- 586 insect bites ( yes, I counted them)
- 2 creepy, egg laying, hatch under your skin into worm bites (thankfully this was not me)
- 12 people per car
- 4 wives per chief (at least)
- innumerable children of said chiefs
- 3 hours late ( the village of Bokosso, for our first meeting)
- 7 sleepless nights sharing a bed with my boss, who snores like a freight train (this was before I was able to find a chair outside to sleep on).
- 1 pair of useless earplugs
- 1 child who stood gaping at my naked white butt while I thought I was alone and was trying to pee.
- 1 loaf of mouldy bread, consumed for several days while not realizing it was mouldy.
- 15+ people who believed that condoms are 100% effective in preventing HIV transmission.
- 2 occasions (at least) on which fish was eaten for breakfast
- 30 deet insect repellent, applied religiously to no avail.
- 1 million times in which I was called 'white man'.
- 10+ occasions on which I ate in establishments that had either chickens, goat poop or both beneath my feet.


Stinner said...

And a partridge in a pear tree!

No? lol

Amber said...

I thought of that, but would have to change numbers around too much to make it work. Hmmmm...

"Fiiiiive wives per chief
four a vile toilet, three villages, two earplugs, and a child gaping at my white ass."